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on something that john -- said about taxi stands. i think the sooner we get taxi stands back where they belong the better the taxi service is going to be in this city and to follow up on something that mr. -- [inaudible] said to come up with any decision they may not make any decisions regarding illegal limosines in my lifetime and i say that partly tongue and cheek because i hope i am wrong but i have never seen any action -- [inaudible] and you know the thing is i think one of the rulings that the state puc made was we're not going to fine you until we look into everything. apparently, take that to mean -- i think that they are operating illegally right now so i think you as the board have the authority to ask for that. >> thank you. >> joan wood, john horn. >> is there any other members of the public who wish to address the board if they can fill out a speaker card and bring that to me, it would be appreciated. thank you. >> mr. heal ye? >> good afternoon. now the mic is on. [laughter] i was reading the economist you are going to be holding a world cup coming up here and how are you g
choeden, heidi, maria, mike howard, efrin, paul warner, john berry, john pakz ton, george and glen. >> thank you, supervisors, thank you miss miller. my name is peter vang. i'm a resident. i'm a great admirer of the emergency management and as you can from some of the reports that have been written but it's always been bothering me tremendously over the years that we know when we walk into the garages, down stair space of these apartment buildings we see these studies in sheet rock areas that are going to collapse. i'm so happy that the city administrators office is really thinking ahead because tenants must be given greater chance to be able to stay in their homes with their books, furniture and pets and neighbors. if we can somehow strengthen that ability to stay home it can mean huge benefit to the neighbors how we must rise through maybe 6 months or a year long crisis. i really admire this work you are doing. thank you very much. >> thank you, i'm with san francisco tomorrow. caps one of soft story building of a much larger array of much more affected buildings. it's a priori
to participate with /staoeut certified apprenticeship programs at locations such as john o connel high school. also require responsible bidders that participate in state certified programs and provide healthcare to workers and their families. [inaudible] especially sfusd graduates equal to the average local participation level projects funded by the 2006 bond or equal to the overall local hire inging policy. require that -- require that at least 70 percent of the project work hours performed by the apprentices shall be performed by local residents, require that crack tors work for a [inaudible] ever 5 million dollars of construction cost if such graduates are available, establish an overall local participation target that will [inaudible] contractors [inaudible] such as a bonus payment. monitor local higher compliance on an on going basis and [inaudible] met and sustained concurrently develop processes and procedures for dealing with contractors who fail to meet their targets. this will be crafted [inaudible] on future projects. establish an oversight committee made up of community labor con
have responded? so okay. next speaker please. >> k u.n. takas and john lazar good afternoon. good afternoon sir and thank you -- for letting us express ourselves i just want to add the same thing i'm supporting my colleague here i'm a cab driver with yellow and actually a left turn for taxis should be allowed since it is you know we don't need to make people run away from taxis anymore. >> thank you, sir. next speaker please. >> mr. kantakas followed by john lazar and -- >> hi ladies and gentlemen. nice to be here. i have been here 29 years never take a vacation never been to my country. i drive a -- [inaudible] so i saw my friend in 2012 he said to me going to mta you pickup -- i meet them i said to him sir i never put my name on the list i never signed up anything could i apply for the senior permit he said yes you qualify. sure? yes you qualify. if you put your name on the list you qualify. so i said to him sir, i come back september 28 from greece so the first appointment happened 2012 and they said to me when i come back they said to me just a minute -- what happened h
of the developer who worked in good faith to resolve these issues. and if i may, i'd like to ask john kwong of the department of public works if he's here. is mr. kwong here? okay, my understanding was that he would be here, but that's fine. as mr. kwong is aware, we have a resolution that will involve certain work that will be done by this developer to address some of the issues raised by the neighborhood. so, with that understanding, i would ask that we move forward and approve this item. thank you. >> thank you. colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> item 9. >> item 9 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to rescind the sunset clause in the san francisco bonding and financial assistance program. >> same house same call? this ordinance is passed on first read. madam clerk, can you call items 10 and 11 >> item 10, ordinance a appropriating approximately $2.77 million of fee revenue for the planning department for fiscal year 2012-13. item 11 an ordinance amending the annual salary forectiontionv for i fis
campaign. we have john briscoe, our honorary chair, who will lead that along with our board of directors, camilla, john. steven. carol goodman. we have haven't done this alone. i would like to quickly acknowledge our partnership organizations. friends of joe dimaggio, russian river, the committee for better parks and recreation for north beach, the community youth center, telegraph hill center. sherman elementary. the francisco middle school pto. states peter and paul school. john parker elementary and garfield elementary and thank you victoria pastry cake donated the cake and make sure you eat some cake and join us for our campaign in north beach. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you, scott. we're almost there. oh, former commissioner lonnie chen. thank you lonnie for being here [ applause ] we're almost there. one more individual. she has already been mentioned. it's a perfect tribute, a capstone, julie christiansen. >> thank you >> can i get my team up here? i have been fielding all the thanks, but it doesn't really belong to me. it belongs to all of these people. who else is here f
, legislative aid to supervisor john avalos in your binder a briefing document and maps of the alcohol restricted use district and the planning department had it on two separate maps, and then you have the digest along with the legislation. and thank you, jeremy. >> good evening commissioners, i apologize for not being here when you first called the item. i was distracted by some constituents that we had and supervisor avalos sends his regrets he is celebrating his birthday at the southern pacific brewery right now, so he send me instead. the excelsior alcohol restricted use district was created in 200by then supervisor sandoval and apply as to off-site liquor licenses and doesn't apply to restaurant, bars and those sorts of establish thes and extend agency long the mission street corridor from 280 to the daly city border. it was originally established to expire after five years. we're not exactly sure why it was given that sunset date, but in talking tot neighborhood everybody seems to think it's working well and the air is more than well-served with liquor store and places to buy al
'm john berry, speaking on behalf of myself. i'm a small time realtor and property manager. i think if ever there is an issue it's in fact that we have to do this from the seismic issue and light safety issue and dollars cost to be saved by not having to rebuild so many thousands of buildings. i want to address that because that's kind of a given. as economic stuff, i manage about 80 units and in contrast to what your economist has said, i don't think a market rate is fixed given. i know i can market for raised money if there is no soft story issue risk involved . when i rent to place, i have a fire alarm system and it rents for much lower. market value is a benefit. it's a benefit to the property owner. as for the pass through, i have never done pass throughs that i tell my property owners that it's a lot of hassle. if you get into a huge amount of punish where there is a lot of pass throughs. my reading of the rent control detail is you only pass through half of a cost if it's a 5 unit building or more. a lot of the rent control law talks about passing through half and it's kept b
clements, david ading tonight, and edith st. john and squaun, but any member of the public that would like to speak, you each have three minutes >> randy shaw, i can't tell you how happy i am and honored that i am that the tender loin after a very difficult several decades is able to attract a world class beer operator because on that site historically that block used to be the world class, from really 1907 to 1930 that was the place to be in san francisco and we have had a difficult time particularly since the 1960s, and you know it sends a message when we have something like this open up in the tender loin. i spend every day to try to attract businesses, and we read the stories in the paper, everything is booming and we can't get the office space, they are fighting for every square inch of the street and we are not doing well. we are having problems and working with the mayor's office and we are not getting business because they don't think of doing it and it is out of their wind set and they are so obsessed with the street or the successful areas that we are unable to attract and bars i
will be hearing from the candidates in order as they appear on the agenda. is john [inaudible], is he here? okay. >> good afternoon, supervisor. i [speaker not understood]. i'm not sure they got the message that they were moved because i don't see one of the councilmembers here. >> okay. next person, then, is dan kida.3 if you keep your comments brief. thank you. >>> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. i am actually dan flanagan. i am speaking for dan kida. we were noticed on this meeting fairly late and we had two conflicts. dan is the potential new member to the council and he has these words. he has been a certified arborist for the past 10 years. most of his career is spent working with the urban forest and pg&e. this involves working with diverse customer base who care deeply about their trees. the challenge is to ensure trees adjacent to power lines are kept safe distance while trying to satisfy their customers' expectations. he actually runs the crewses that have to inspect every single inch of pg&e wires every year, and he runs about four or five tree crews. so, he has probably more
of the points that the appellant has stated in her brief and i will have john devalen come up and speak towards that but i do want to say that prior to signing the lease with oska i did do my due diligence and determined that the store was not a formula use retail space. we would not have signed the lease if we felt that was the case. let me turn it over to him. >> good evening, commissioners, john cevalen on behalf of oska while it is not involved with the appeal, it is clearly the focus of the appeal and we want to speak to the issues in her brief. we have entered to a lease with the owner of 2130 fillmore to operate a store. the permit is not related to the use of the retail space. the permit before you tonight is solely for structural strengthening and would need to be conducted before regardless of whot tenant is. >> they have filed a separate permit which has been appealed and will be before you on may
? >> >> good morning supervisors john cevlon here on behalf of the sponsor. they are in the final stages of completing the battery street to be operated with a private club and hotel suites when they purchased the building it was red tag and vacant for a few years and they are looking to have the construction complete by early this summer. so the club will not be operated like a typical nightclub or bar, the purpose of the club is to provide the san francisco tech arts and non-service to gather and socialize. the hotel rooms will ensure that the restaurant and lounges on the first two floors will not be operated as to cause a nuisance to the hotel guests, 24-hour security will be provided at the club. alcohol can only be purchased through the use of swiping a club id card. and between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., only a club id card could provide access to the building. we have conducted significant neighborhood out reach on this liquor license, transfer. and in addition to the required noticing, we wrote directly to the golden gateway tenant's association as well as the (inaudible) c
to make sure we cover all of our basis. >> thank you. >> we have our chair, john avls. >> can you elaborate on the geneva transit project
of the things that john lazaro mentioned as far as developing his own app, spending money to develop his own app. we will put one out in the next couple of weeks which will echo a lot of features. we will expand our dispatch service, to have some of those
of disabilities here and john is here. we have our arts director here as well tom. i want to also thank all of them. i want to thank the chrnd day kids who are here as well. go get them. and i want to thank especially the president of our san francisco board of education thank you richard important being here. she's all of our school and everybody. lucille thank you for being here. i'm so excited. i'm so excited you, you know, tomorrow the giants starts and i hope some of you are going to be here. i still can't stop celebrating the series in san francisco. two times the last few years this time it was a sweep. when i asked the owner and the whole organization can we work with you? i've been part of an ed lee sweep but not a world series sweep. we took that idea and something that hunter did with all the other players when they won the series they said something that will never leave my mind about this great ball team. they played for each other. and that's what i wanted to make sure the giant sweep meant to us. the world class students, residents, businesses we want to play important each o
the community clinics. i know john [speaker not understood] will be speaking in a little bit. i think. and then we match up these low-income monitored people that need specialty care or surgeries with volunteer surgeons. and for the last 12 years we've been working in partnership with cpmc during that time nearly $6,000 in charity care has been provided. we have 25 cpmc surgeons that volunteer to provide free surgery to what now is over 700 patients. ~ so, this sounds like a grand bargain to me. thank you all for your good work. i encourage you to move the project forward. thank you. >> thanks. next speaker. >>> dan prince, ironworkers local 377. president chiu, supervisors, i just want to tell you what a relief it is to be able to come up here after testifying in front of the board many times on different projects where there's been successful negotiations and it looks like there's general agreement and less division even in the house of labor about something that's going to supply a lot of employment for people of this city and elsewhere and also provide needed services. so, i have
for you later. thank you. opening up for public comment, timothy thin, steve griffin, john goldman, kathleen mull duffin, and kathrin nemeth. >>> hello, thank you for letting me speak. my name is tim thin. i've lived down the street from the church for 25 years. they've been an excellent neighbor and did a good job of reaching out to the neighborhood on their previous project. i have consulted with a number of neighbors who could not be here tonight. their main concern is actually the traffic situation. the change of child care facility from 15 to 45 kids is tripling the capacity of that facy. there is no parking, there is no loading zone. and, you know, it's changing the church from a church to a day care center to a school. and as i understand there is no staff to manage the drop-offs and pick ups. the neighbors have concerns. they would normally expect outreach about this part of the project and this change to this facility. they would expect a traffic plan. they would normally expect somebody to supervise pick ups and drop offs. james lick, a school up the street, has crossing
in equity community builders. my partner is also here as is margaret done miller from the john street company, our other partner. ~ we listened really carefully. we looked at the market octavia plan, we listened really carefully to the advocacy from the hayes valley neighborhood association and other folks who have said in the transit-rich area that the city is moving towards a place where people are willing to live without cars and we're willing to take that risk that this is a place where that can happen. >> well -- [multiple voices] >> i think the people will have cars. they just won't be able to park it there and there will be more impact on the city. so, we'll just see what happens, but i mean, i'm always in favor of good projects and this does -- this will add more housing even though i would have preferred to see more parking, just being a realist. so, anyway, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> thanks for this. i'm supportive of the project. i think it's great. i know originally when kind of the market octavia or the former freeway parcels were being sold
applicants. >> okay, thank you. before we hear from the applicants, i would like to ask john givener from the city attorney's office to speak on seat number 2 and the qualifications for this seat. >> sure. john givener, deputy city attorney. so, the person appointed seat number 2 must be active in a labor organization. all of the -- there is an additional restriction on all three of the seats, which is the appointees to this body cannot be city employees or officers, and cannot be city vendors, contractors or perform work funded by city bonds. so, i understand the applicant for seat number 2 which one of the applicants for seat number 2 on today's agenda is a city employee. so, that person could not be appointed to any of the three seats. >> okay, thank you. >> [inaudible] a clarify question. for the person retiring from local 21 who is vacating seat number 2, that person wasn't a city employee? >> i don't know. i don't know anything about the person who is currently holding seat number 2. but generally city employees -- sorry? generally city employees cannot be appointed to this body. >>
objection? supervisor breed. >> thank you. i'd like to move john hillan for seat 1, dan flanagan for seat 4, sandy sherwin for seat 5, william moss for seat 6 and rose hillson for seat 7. >> and there's a second. seeing no objection, then the motion is moved. item 4 is done. okay. madam clerk, please call item number 1. by the way, congratulations to the applicants. thank you for coming today. >> item number 1, hearing to consider appointing one member, for an indefinite term, to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender seniors task force. there is one seat and 33 applicants. >> at least on paper i see like tons of applicants. so, we're going to hear from the applicants as they appear on the agenda. it's a large number. i'd like to ask that you limit your comment to no more than two minutes. so, i will call your name. if you're here, come on up to the mic. first one is aaron parness. are you here? aaron parness. alex kinney. alyssa nickell. carl stokes. connell persico. cynthia davis. emerald o'leary. frank strona. joyce pierson. gregg cassin. come on up. >>> [inaudible]. >> you're first
in the club. i have been with john to some of the neighborhood meetings and spoken with the neighborhood associations, and i lived in new york i was in (inaudible) setting up the new york night life association which was an out reach group between night clubs and the local communities and the policing. so, it is not my intention to add any burden to the police burden that already exists outside of my window every friday and saturday night. thank you for letting me speak. >> thank you very much. why don't we hear from. do you have anything else to add? >> thank you, supervisors. just in closing, we are excited about getting this project started. we are looking for an opening in july of this year, so finally getting this building activated again. the neighborhood is in support, the police department is recommending approval so we respectfully request your approval of this liquor license transfer. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> why don't we hear from the police department. >> rich van rorc from sfpd, mxb operations has brought a application with the department of california seekin
of the home schooling. her ability to [inaudible] her previous principal, mr. greg john noted her excellence and evaluated her stating that she possessed a quote, unquote tenacity and palpable that all students can achieve high levels. i think it's unfair to deprive a teacher who has been evaluated successfully by her principal. it's unfair to deny her due process. i have heard there's a pattern of san francisco unified school district to deny teachers permanent status in their third year due to budget cuts. financial struggle should not be a reason to deny a successful teacher who has contributed to much to community -- her livelihood. i would ask the board to discourage this pattern and consider rescinding her non reelection. thank you. >> my name is [inaudible] foundation and miss [inaudible] is the symbol of the filipino community. i brought myself the statistics. the fourth fastest growing language in the united states [inaudible] and then the fourth is the filipino. the number one asian population in california are the fill /poe -- filipinos and the second fastest [inaudible]
student out of john o connel into the trade. so it's not illegal. if you tell me it's illegal, but i've not seen anything that will say it's illegal. bull -- but in strong support. thank you commissioners. . >> hi, mike [inaudible]. just wanna say real quick i'm a union kid, i grew up in a union family. my father is a loyal retired member of local 2 working for some really good and really bad folks, but because of them i'm able to go to college and i was able to go to law school and while i look at this -- and there's a lot of good stuff here, but not there yet. just a few things that need to be ironed out. i'm a firm believer in local hire. it has been win win and we've seen the results. but also i would like to talk about local business enterprises because who is it that hires black and browns in this city? black and brown contractors primarily 'cause they're from the neighborhoods, they know the kids in the neighborhoods, they know me, they know some of the kids and some of the folks here and we know that we can make it happen. this city already has a local enterprise pr
look forward to it passing. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, my name is john pakz ton, i was on the advisory committee and i'm act ive with spur. i strongly encourage this legislation. my concern is the longevity of the housing stock in san francisco. very few you people realize we have the oldest housing stock in the side of the mississippi and the majority of these buildings were built before world war ii and includes material that is susceptible to decay and deterioration. the cap support that in the magnitude earthquake that about 58,000 residents would lose their home that is about 28,000 housing units. it's not how many housing units we build every year. it's how many we keep. it's taken the last 15 years to build those 28 units. everybody started off being at each other's throats looking out for each other's best interest. after everybody saw the importance of what was going to happen, we all came together and in the end there is a unanimous conclusion that would support the recommendations you have in front of you now. this is what the caps report looks like. a re
doctor to win a large award. please look up dr. john olnick who used to work at laguna honda hospital. and if my memory is correct, dr. ulrick walked off with far much more money than dr. kerr. i would also like to remind the nine supervisors here that the dead man's curse is still active. the san francisco symphony's reputation has been badly tarnished. and also the american team somehow did not make it to san francisco for the wbc. a lot of my friends would have gone, but no americans, no tickets sold. also, i would like to bring up the subject about why my district supervisor isn't here today. i sure hope it isn't what they commonly call on the street "influence pedaling." and in regards to that situation regarding abortion, i would like to assure everybody that everybody will be fairly treated, as there will be certain observers from outside california there to make sure everybody is behaving correctly. so, nobody is going to be intimidated by anybody. and i hope this board doesn't try to intimidate speakers like myself. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >>> good afternoon. m
for trusting me in leading our crisis services, as well as i want to recognize charlie and john, my direct supervisors, for pushing and pushing and having faith in me. then i'd like to thank my staff who are here who allow me to -- [cheering and applauding] >> to [speaker not understood] above and beyond and provide 24-hour service to the city for [speaker not understood] and thinking out of the box and working diligently for me. i also importantly want to thank my family for coming and supporting me and being understanding [speaker not understood] and just coming here, taking a day off. and above all, i want to thank god for blessing me with such a job where i can help the community. thank you once again, supervisor avalos. thank you to the community of san francisco, and i look forward to providing ongoing services to you all. (applause) >> going down to the letter b will be our supervisor from district 5, supervisor london breed. >> thank you. i'm so honored today to honor an incredible, wonderful person in the health arena, ms. debby davidson who has spent -- you can clap. [cheering an
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 104 (some duplicates have been removed)